Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

Today, I thought I would post pictures of the cats as they frequently appear. Here is Charles, on his hind legs guiding my fingers holding a cat treat to his mouth with his front paws:

I hope his end is not destruction, and I don't think his glory is his shame, but another part of Philippians 3:19 certainly applies to Charles!

Allie loves to sit on the chairs in the chapel:
In the morning, I sometimes have to have my breviary in one hand, and my other petting her!

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Charlotte Therese said...


I was led to your blog by another cat lover... ;-)

I've been visited by a little (well not so little any longer) kitten - a holy Birma with big blue eyes - for two weeks now. He's returning tomorrow - after having turned my apartment upside down and stolen my heart (and made me very allergic) and occupied my blog almost totally (he did let me guest blog a few times though during these weeks).

Too bad you don't read Swedish (I suppose) - but you may be able to read his postings in some kind of pigeon English if you google translate my blog through a link to the right in the margin. He's quite hilarious.

And you'll see pics of this little adoring kitten guy here:

(Browse down all the way.)

Later on they'll be found only here:

A few more postings with pics will follow before he leaves, I'm kind of sure of that.

Feel free to comment in English.

Meow and cat blessings from a cat-holic,