Sunday, April 27, 2008

ICCC Priest Accused of Heresy!

Fr. Chris Tessone is completely orthodox in his adherence to the creeds and ICCC doctrine. He offers insightful commentary at his blog, Even the Devils Believe, and he has recently started the Traditional Liturgy Apostolate of the ICCC, with seminarian Michael Shirk, to provide opportunities for traditional liturgical prayer, including Vespers and Compline from the Monastic rite each Monday. So why is he being accused of heresy, and by whom?

The above committee feel that he has committed a grave offense against both faith and morals by his recent post "Friday Cat Blogging: Canine Edition", defiling the holy and sacred Cat Blogging tradition by the inclusion of profane dogs. This committee is currently deliberating about the penalties they will demand -- my suspicion is that Allie will demand the skinning alive of the dog in question (given her constant fears that I, the phone, random pieces of dust, etc. might skin HER alive), whereas Charles will demand that Fr. Chris feed him cat treats (Charles' solution to most situations -- my putting clean laundry in the sock drawer while he is sleeping there, my leaving for work, Tuesday, etc.).

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