Friday, March 07, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

Charles and Allie do not always get along in perfect harmony. Allie frequently growls and hisses at Charles, and even chases Charles and swipes at him. Charles is peace-loving and will usually just withdraw from the room when attacked (even though he is significantly bigger than she is).

So I was happy, a few minutes ago, to see them sitting next to one another in one of Allie's favorite spots, on top of the kitchen cabinet above the refrigerator:

For more pictures of Charles and Allie, see Chris Tessone's blog. He stayed with me before and after our jurisdictional gathering last weekend.


Alexis Tančibok said...

Ok, so . . .exactly HOW do they get up there? I ask this because the journey is often the best bit! Our two have some pretty ingenious ways of getting into/onto bizarre places. When she was a kitten, Lakhshmi was a master at getting on top of the livingroom door - yes, she sat "on" the top of the door - and was very pleased with herself too. The only problem was getting down - that's when we were "summoned" to the scene. Now she's too big to find her way onto doors - but occasionally, if being held near one, she glances nostalgically at the top.

Tim Cravens said...

From the floor to the counter. From the counter to the top of the refrigerator. From the top of the refrigerator to the top of the cabinet.

Very similar to various Christian meditation methods (Ignatian, etc.) -- very definite specific steps.

Surprisingly, given her paranoia, Allie enjoys being picked up and held like a baby. But getting down is difficult -- she is unwilling to believe that I am setting her down graciously -- she is convinced that I am going to SKIN HER ALIVE.

Alexis Tančibok said...

between our two - Lakshmi loves being held like a baby. When she is fussy or wiggly I run my arm between her legs (my hand comes out below her chin) and she instantly relaxes and lets me carry her anywhere. Mind you - she's totally immobilised he he he.

Magda on the other hand is terrified of being held upside down and will only be held slung over my shoulder where she purrs and purrs.