Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

I am happy to report that last Saturday, I adopted two cats -- Charles and Allie.

Charles was named after a basketball player, Charles Barkley, who must have made of lot of touchdowns or RBI's or the like, but I have renamed him Charles Borromeo-w, as is more suitable for a cat living in a religious household. Sadly, he is a vandal and a user of recreational drugs -- he chewed open a bag of catnip his aunts Carol and Lyngine gave him and got high while I was at work one day, and has chewed holes in his food bag (despite there being food in his bowl) and a treat bag (all safely in cabinets now). But he is very sweet and affectionate, and follows me around hoping for a treat or a bellyrub, both of which he frequently gets. Here is a picture of him on one of the couches (he has taken naps on all four couches):

Allie is cloistered, observing strict enclosure. She spent the first day under a bookcase using the Lutheran Family Bible Game as a pillow (an ELCA pastor friend gave this to me some years ago), hiding behind the stacked Grove's Dictionary of Music (Third Edition). The second day, she spent under the one couch with flaps at the bottom that can hide her. The third day, she was under my bed, before finding the tiny area behind the refrigerator, where she spends most of her time now. I had a nice picture of her peering out from behind the refrigerator, but my cameraphone was full and it didn't save -- I'll try to take another one. In the meantime, here is a picture of her under the bookcase next to the Lutheran game -- which you can see much better than her face:
I hope to have better pictures next Friday!


Alexis Tančibok said...

very cute! charlie looks like you describe him - raffish! Sr Mary-Allie looks like a nun with focus. . . .HIDE! and stay hidden.

Alexis Tančibok said...

PS - I've decided to join you & Chris in the sport of Cat-blogging.

Lyngine said...

Perhaps Sister Allie-Cat is just too shy to come out of cloister without her habit:

And since Charles is joining you during the Office and he seems to be Anglican at heart: