Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Feline Houseguest Posting

A coworker is out of town for several weeks, and so from St. Stephen's Day until January 21, her cat is staying with me. The cat is very affectionate, although perhaps not the most energetic cat I've ever met. Here are some pictures.

The first week she stayed with me, here was her favorite spot to sleep:

Here she is modeling some jewelry:

And here is a pose that expresses her personality quite well (my finger over part of the lens expresses my photographic expertise equally well):


Rev. Sharon said...

Those are sweet pictures--she looks to be a lovely kitty! Thanks for sharing your guest with us! :)

Tim Cravens said...

I'm going to be very sad to return her . . .

She is quite lovely indeed!

Alexis Tančibok said...

Did you get bit for the jewellery pics? She had the expression of "bugger off" he he he.

Perhaps you might consider getting yourself a cat?

Nice to see you posting!

Tim Cravens said...

No, her expression had nothing to do with her wearing the "jewelry" (really cheap plastic beads) -- in fact, she loves to play with them. Her unhappy expression had to do with the fact that I hadn't fed her in three days (and by "three days", she means "two hours" -- I faithfully feed her the prescribed amount twice a day, plus a little extra when I'm setting the automatic cat feeder before I go to bed so she won't wake me up at 5 am, and that doesn't count all of the kitty treats I feed her -- she is not exactly what you'd call "svelte", yet she only becomes energetic when she believes -- rightly or wrongly -- that she will be fed).

And, yes, I am planning, upon her departure on Monday, to adopt an older, more sedate cat (much like Clem). Or perhaps two.

Alexis Tančibok said...

ha ha ha

did not want to offend her sensibilities by mentioning the fact that she is a bit . . . . roly poly!

My first cat was rather "round" too. She came that way. I was only supposed to look after her for a few months while her owner found a new living situation (his roomate a friend of ours became allergic to her suddenly - possibly due to his HIV meds) anyway - when the time came, said owner came to visit, to talk about possibly re-claiming kitty. We sat and visited for a while and he pipped up and said - ya know, its clear she's doing better with you than she ever did with me, she clearly likes you better too - you should keep her. I did.