Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Religious liberty under attack in USA

Despite the fact that the First Amendment specifically prohibits both the establishment of a particular religion and guarantees the free exercise of religion, certain religious sects are attempting, with the help of anti-liberty politicians, to mandate that all Americans follow the teachings of those sects in their private lives. President Bush and many others are pushing the so-called "Marriage Protection Amendement" which would mandate that only heterosexual marriages be legally recognized in the United States, despite the fact that numerous religious groups do recognize same-sex marriage, including Reform and Reconstructionist Judaism, Unitarian Universalism, Ethical Culture, the United Church of Christ, the Metropolitan Community Church, many Independent Catholics (including the Independent Catholic Christian Church of which I am a part), and many Quakers, among others. Many states have already passed such amendments to their state constitutions, and efforts are underway in others.

Call your legislators today and tell them you oppose this assault on religious liberty in this country!

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