Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Two Offerings from Rene Vilatte Press

Our jurisdiction's publishing concern, Rene Vilatte Press, has two offerings which might be of interest to readers.

First, our subdeacon Michael Shirk has put together Evensong for Sapientiatide, the period of the O Antiphons from December 16 through 23 in preparation for Christmas, according to the Sarum Use. He has done a beautiful job of designing a pleasing book with chant notation, to inspire those who wish to pray the traditional Vespers for this holy time in the church's year. Here is the link to purchase:

Second, we have just issued the official Catechism of the Independent Catholic Christian Church. It is a revision of the Catechism from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer, with some additional questions to reflect our own doctrinal heritage. There is a helpful article by Fr. Joseph Menna, AIHM, on what it means to be Independent Catholic Christian, as well as various documents from the church's history, including the historic creeds. Here is the link to purchase the Catechism:

We will have a couple of reprints of historic IC/OC liturgies available in a few weeks as well.