Friday, April 27, 2007

Welcoming Fr. Joseph to the Blogosphere

A hearty welcome to Fr. Joseph Menna, AIHM, who has started a blog, A Restless Heart. He joins fellow ICCC bloggers Fr. Chris Tessone (Even the Devils Believe), Mother Laura Grimes (Junia's Daughter), and Mark Hoemmen (The Nerdiest of the Nerds).

I hope his blog follows their examples and not mine!

Monday, April 23, 2007

More about Mother Laura

For more information about Mother Laura, visit her wonderful blog Junia's Daughter.

Just to correct one inaccuracy in a recent post about me -- while it is true that my refrigerator has nothing but Dr Pepper in it, in fact the freezer does have more than Lean Cuisine's -- I do have icetrays to produce icecubes for the Dr Pepper. ;-) (And the kitchen cabinets are not empty -- I still have a few books that I haven't gotten around to shelving . . .)

Christ is Risen!

People are starting to bug me about the fact that the top entry on my blog says "Holy Week Announcement" -- so I will post this.

First, our parish Holy Week and Easter celebrations were magnificent. Michael Shirk, our seminarian from Missouri, visited, and his lovely chanting voice was a huge asset to our celebrations, and I had the privilege of tonsuring him as a cleric at our Maundy Thursday Eucharist. Fr. Joseph did a wonderful job planning the liturgies. I especially enjoyed chanting the Exsultet and the blessing of the font, and the high point was certainly baptizing Kim, one of our parishioners.

This weekend was also great -- Mother Laura Grimes was in town for the Order of St. Michael retreat, and she stayed with me both before and after the retreat. Thursday night, or should I say Friday morning, we were up until 3 talking. Sunday night, she celebrated and preached at the parish, which was a wonderful experience for all. I am very pleased that she has decided to incardinate with the Independent Catholic Christian Church -- she will be a real asset to us, with her exhaustive knowledge of theology. And it is good to have a female priest -- we have been very committed to the full inclusion of women from the beginning of our jurisdiction (2002), but until recently, no women had applied -- now, Carol Nickolai is preparing for ordination as a seminarian (she was tonsured in February), and Laura is our first female priest.

The other part of the weekend that was wonderful was doing nothing on Saturday -- I had not had a full day off in a month, and it was beginning to wear on me. One of the problems for all clergy, but especially for "tentmakers", is the necessity of taking time for personal rest and renewal even in the midst of many demands. And the day convinced me that I must be more proactive about scheduling time for rest into my schedule.